Our vision is to be the best in our class and we follow that objective with a passion - our aim is to do what we do exceptionally well.

We achieve that by having a focused development plan, which allows us to grow a portfolio we are passionate about - a combination of quality commercial properties and long term tenants. We aim to increase the number of character listed buildings.

Pride of place goes to Kenneth Hodgson House, named after my father, who founded this wonderful company. Kenneth Hodgson House in Park Row, Leeds has been carefully restored to its original grand design but with the vision of our creative team, provides a superb setting for our tenants today.

We are also particularly keen to develop our residential stock within Leeds. In addition, we have also have a flair for converting interesting buildings into residential use: our Westfield Mill development in Armley, Leeds, for example.


So how do we judge our values? We have a simple philosophy; it is knowing deep inside that we have done the right thing.

As a property company, we have commercial relationships but we are also public facing. We engage daily with tenants, agents, purchasers and a host of other service providers. At all times our philosophy is simple: our success is down to partnerships – with personal service being at the top of our list.

With that in mind, pride of place on my wall is a letter from a tenant who vacated one of our residential properties after five years. We had written to extend our thanks for his tenancy and he replied by telling us we were an exceptional landlord. There is no better example of what our company's 'values' are.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and believe it is reflected in their loyal service.

Similarly, we pay great attention to our commercial partners, who represent us when dealing with clients and tenants. It’s tremendously satisfying to know we have a team where every member embraces our values.

Our business may be focused on buildings, but our reputation has been built on our commitment to outstanding customer service. Both on the commercial side, where our tenants range from multi-nationals to local businesses, and our residential portfolio, which spans from detached properties to luxury flats, consistency is our by-word.

We manage all our commercial properties and, with the exception of a small number of residential properties, which are placed with selected agencies, we are ‘hands-on’ with our approach.